Thank you Charleston for making Cinderella Day 2010 a HUGE SUCCESS!!  On March 6th, we fit 250 girls with beautiful dresses, shoes and jewelry and were absolutely blown away by the positive feedback from all of our beautiful prom princesses and their families.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors and to all of the Charleston press that covered the event.  In the week before the event, we had a surge in donations because of their coverage and added an extra 600 dresses to choose from!!!  Many of these even had tags and were SUCH a blessing to our girls!!  They ensured that every girl selected their perfect dress–in their perfect size–and felt like a princess!

We will be posting pictures from this year’s event and also information about how you can get involved for next year’s event so keep checking back here for updates!

Published by rebeccalinenger

They won't claim me as a Native but I've been a blissful Mount Pleasant, SC resident since graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2002. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else! I am passionate about all things that make our city fantastic...from one-of-a-kind chefs and restaurant openings to 12-month-a-year outdoor events with waterfront views. I am a self-described foodie and lover of all things Charleston!

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