2011 Sponsors

WE NEED SPONSORS!! Corporate sponsorships are available. See details on corporate sponsorships below.

Here is who we have signed up so far!





Corporate Sponsorships:

Our local sponsors will be featured in all press release material, website, social media pages, and promoted on local news venues such as Low Country Live, news and local radio when applicable. Last year all local news stations, including a local Spanish channel, came out to cover the event.

With this community event being completely volunteer driven, our budget comes solely from local sponsors of whom we are very grateful and in return help promote throughout the planning portion, as well as the actual event.

Naming opportunities range in price, as shown below:

Ø    Cinderella Café- $500

Ø    Cinderella Day Volunteer T-shirt sponsor- $400 to include sponsor name on back

Ø    Tent area/waiting area- $500

Ø    Cinderella Boutique/Main Floor- $1,000

Ø    Dressing Room area- $250

Ø    Local Drop-Off location for dresses- $250

Other sponsorship opportunities include: gift in kind donations of door and raffle prizes for our guests as they wait their turn to shop the boutique, floral and corsage gift certificates, floral and décor for day of event, food and beverage donations for the café area which feeds approximately 600 guests, tent(s) for outdoor registration and waiting area, etc…

Should you wish to participate as a local sponsor or to make a gift in kind donation, please contact Brittany Meyers at brittany.meyers (at) citadel.edu or by phone at 843.437.6614.

All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your considered partnership.

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They won't claim me as a Native but I've been a blissful Mount Pleasant, SC resident since graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2002. Now I can't imagine living anywhere else! I am passionate about all things that make our city fantastic...from one-of-a-kind chefs and restaurant openings to 12-month-a-year outdoor events with waterfront views. I am a self-described foodie and lover of all things Charleston!

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