Contact Us

Please direct your question to whoever you believe could most assist you! We would love to have the entire community involved, either in advance or on the day-of, so thank you in advance for your willingness to help!!


  • Alysha Brown  ::
  • Makenzie Keller ::

Hospitality Chair

  • Melissa Copeland ::

Media/Press Contact

  • Sarah Hicks  ::

Social Media

  • Becky Rosene  ::

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Skylar Clark  ::
  • Stacey Leinberger  ::

High School Liaisons

  • Ashley Brace  ::
  • Chanler Moore ::

Donations Contacts

  • (raffle donations / goodie bags) Makenzie Keller  ::
  • (dresses and shoes) Jacquayle Dailey  ::
  • (jewerly and accessories)  Poe Minton  ::
  • (food donations)  Shannon Widing ::

Dream Center/ Seacoast Church Liaisons

  • Christina Soto  ::

4 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. Hi Tammy! All Lowcountry teen girls are welcome to attend! There is no pre-registration, they can just show up the morning of March 2nd and we will begin registration by 8:30am. We mostly have grades 9-12 attend, but do have some 7-8 graders attend for middle school dances. We have over 1,500 dresses, so something for everyone!!

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